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Randomness - 2013 Q2 - 016

Welcome to the house blog

This blog will evolve into a running online diary for the property.  At the writing of this introduction, we have just returned from seeing the house for the first time and are ecstatic over it.  

So while initially we will use this to share initial info on the home, it will evolve into a full-fledged record of home happenings and improvements.

A Big Flood


Today we had a massive downpour of rain.  It rained 1.19" in 45 minutes, but suffice to say, we were mostly happy with how the property performed.  The road in front of our lot remains firmly intact as does our driveway.  Our neighbors to the east and west did not fair as well.  The lot directly north of us was a 40-yard-wide river.  …

Appraisal and Home Inspection Complete

The appraisal happened on Monday morning and the inspection Wednesday morning.  Both went very well and Eric attended the inspection in order to observe and also to take some more photos. 

Offer Accepted

shapeimage 2

Today involved a great deal of paperwork, beginning with Eric running our accepted counter-offer out to Angela at work.  Following the offer, we moved to the loan application documents.  Paper, paper, and more paper.

A Floor-Plan (just in case)

While Eric was busy yesterday with shooting the property, Angela took measurements.  So just in case, we now have a draft floor-plan.

We Wrote an Offer

Writing the First Offer - 1

After seeing the property this morning, we had Ryan and Lindsey over and wrote our first offer!  Pretty quick, but when you know you love something, you must seize the moment and go for it.  Ryan will submit it in the morning and give the seller 24 hours for a response.  These are nervous times.

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