A Big Flood


Today we had a massive downpour of rain.  It rained 1.19" in 45 minutes, but suffice to say, we were mostly happy with how the property performed.  The road in front of our lot remains firmly intact as does our driveway.  Our neighbors to the east and west did not fair as well.  The lot directly north of us was a 40-yard-wide river.  The hill to the west collapsed next to George's place.  Water flow through our property was exactly what we predicted   All our new landscaping performed perfectly and naturally drained as we designed.  The wash running through our property was flowing with a lot of water, and where there was no boulder reinforcement, it eroded at an alarming rate.  Excavation of that area was on our list for this Fall and remains our top priority.  Eric has about 40 notes on water flow and new projects.  Next weekend he plans to dig out a large drain line from the east side and divert water along the easement.  Below are videos of the event.

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